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Our job and commitment as your teachers is to help your dance ability grow so that you can enjoy the most wonderful feeling of DANCING!

 Costa Rica Ballroom Dance Studios have been offering high quality dance instruction in the Twin Cities area since 2006. We specialize in most forms of partner dancing, including ballroom, Latin, swing, social dancing, wedding dances, and more! Our mission is to create a friendly, professional atmosphere for students of all ages and skill levels to learn. We take the time to get to know you and understand your personal dance goals so that we can tailor each and every lesson to maximize your learning potential. Whether your goal is to dance socially or competitively, for the health benefits or to make new friends, we have all of your dance needs covered.



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Meet the Costa Rica Ballroom Team

We are a team of friendly dancers who are passionate about helping people and sharing the joy of dance!  We love to meet new people and have fun at work! We look forward to getting to know you and dancing with you soon!


Eliecer Ramirez



Rebecca Ramirez



Kelli Silva



Lucia Ramirez


Eliecer Ramirez 

Eliecer Ramirez is a professional Dancer and Choreographer from Costa Rica, Owner and founder of:

Costa Rica Ballroom Dance Studios, The Former MN Star Ball Dancesport Competition Series, and The Costa Rica Open!  


Eliecer is a certified coach and Judge through the National Dance Council of America and Terpchicore and well-known fixture in the dance community here in the Midwest and Costa Rica!

Born in Costa Rica young Eliecer discovered his love for music and dance from his older sisters, who dragged him to every disco hall throughout Heredia! Dance became his passion and focus and quickly got him noticed and recruited to, "Centro de Artes Promenade, a most prestigious Dance Academy in San Jose Costa Rica. It was at Promenade where he trained in numerous dance disciplines from, Flamenco, Tango, Classical, hiphop and of course Salsa! After winning plenty of Salsero competitions Eliecer received a scholarship to work and Train in the United States.


After moving to MN in 2001, Eliecer became a Dance Director for Authur Murray and competed in 100+ competitions both nationally and Internationally. Some Highlights: 1st place in Las Vegas, Dance O Rama, 3rd in Italy, Rising Star in Colorado Star Ball and being the "first-ever couple" to represent Costa Rica in the world's first and most famous annual ballroom dance competition ,"Blackpool Dance Festival in England 2012 and 2013 with his wife Rebecca.  


When Eliecer's not teaching his beloved students, his entrepreneurial spirit is sharing the love of dance with the world!

He enjoys collaborating with other businesses large and small, organizing events and performing with fellow artists. Some of his favorite collaborations are performing for musicians such as, "La India, Eddie Santiago, Tito Puente Jr., and Oscar de Leon." 

He is grateful to be able to share his love for dance and all of the mentors, who have impacted him on the way! His Mother Maria Julia Vargas


Eliecer has trained in the US and Europe with world class coaches like Ron Montez, Corky Ballas, Alex Spencer, Sasha Gisher, Jesse Smith, The Paramonovs, Ronald Villalobos, Mercedes Barboza, Joanna Leunes, Michael Milotosky, Slavick Kliklivic, Eri Simon and Many others. 

Rebecca Ramirez 


Born into a gymnast family, Rebecca began nurturing her passion for dance at a young age in Stillwater, Minnesota. She was the captain of the Stillwater gymnastics team and was All state in 1999. She later graduated with honors from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in GD/Illustration. Rebecca is certified through the National Dance Council of America and Terpchiore.


Early in her career, Rebecca became a strong competitor in the professional division of International Latin Dancing where she competed and still competes at a number of championship competitions around the world with her partner, Eliecer Ramirez. Rebecca loves coaching and working with her students to achieve their goals and elevate a higher understanding of dance craft. Rebecca's dedication to her students is inspiring! She takes great pride in their progress and enjoyment! She's a premier coach and mentor to numerous junior, adult amateur, and other artists.  With 15 years of dance experience, teaching adults and children, and as co-owner of the studio, she hopes to extend her love of dance into your heart for all of you to enjoy the dancing life!

When Rebecca's not dancing she is making artwork for various retailers, like Target, JC Pennys, Khols and more.

She enjoys the great outdoors with her beloved daughter, Lucia and Spending quality time with her Family and Pup.

Kelli Silva


Kelli graduated from the University of St. Thomas where she studied Spanish and received her Bachelor's degree in child Education!

Mrs. Silva is an educator for the Orono school district and is a top teacher at Costa Rica Ballroom Dance Studio, Hopkins, Minnesota.


When Kelli was 4, she took her first dance class and felt deeply inspired by her teacher, who was full of passion and patience. Soon after that, she decided one day she would become a dance teacher just like her.

Kelli is certified through the NDCA an has trained in a variety of authentic dance forms including Salsa, Bachata, ballroom and Latin. When she began ballroom dancing, she fell in love with this dance form instantly. What she loves most about ballroom dancing is the magical connection you create with your partner through movement. Every dance is a beautiful conversation without words. Since 2010 she has been sharing the joy of partner dancing with the world. Kelli has competed professionally in the US for few years! Kelli is frequents visitor of Columbia, where she partakes in robust salsa dancing lifestyle and visiting her family located in Cartagena, Colombia. 

When Kelli isn't dancing she enjoys traveling the world with her hubby, furniture renovation and making decadent, colliery, master pieces!


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